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More than Just a Soccer Website

It's the Most Comprehensive Soccer Team Management Solution Available

Soccer manEdger is a comprehensive management solution designed to assist team managers to oversee the operations of amateur soccer teams. It provides a complete set of innovative, easy-to-use, tools to streamline the day-to-day administration of team activities. In addition, Soccer manEdger offers effective communication tools and delivers effortless communications with team members, their parents and others on the coaching staff.

Effortless Team Activity Scheduling

Getting organized has never been easier

game schedule

Games, practice times, special events and associated volunteer work activities can all be easily managed with Soccer manEdger. Soccer manEdger offers a complete suite of intuitive, calendar driven scheduling tools that provide effortless coordination of team activities throughout the season.

In addition Soccer manEdger organizes team activities into a variety of formats that can be easily communicated to team members.

Effectively Deliver Timely Team Information

To Everyone in Minutes

Soccer manEdger offers effective communication tools that allow team managers to easily deliver timely team related announcements to team members at all levels. The communication tools include:

A Self-managed Website

Team managers can put their team on the web in no time - absolutely anyone can build and manage a team website that will make the Pros envious. Web pages are automatically generated from information already in the system. As well you have the ability to create your own custom pages - if you can compose an email message you can create a web page. Soccer manEdger's intuitive website tools allow you to create a website using your team's colors, logo and team pictures.

In addition to the public site, a "member's only" private area is also supported, making it an ideal tool to delivery sensitive information to team member's only. Communicate game and practice schedules, team events, game results, parent volunteer information, and electronic player cards - the players will feel like they're in the big leagues!

You can have your site live on the Internet in less than 30 minutes.

System Generated Email Alerts

Soccer manEdger supports automated messaging ideal for sending game reminders to players and parent volunteers. You define the message content and when the messages should be delivered - Soccer manEdger looks after the rest.

Group Email

Soccer manEdger comes with its own email client that interfaces to the team contact list allowing team-wide communications with a single click of a mouse. The system automatically groups team contacts into mailing lists; send messages to players, parents, coaching staff, your own custom groups or everyone on the contact list.

Painless Budget Creation and Account Management

Soccer manEdger has everything you need to effortlessly run your team finances. The budgeting tools allow you to:

  • Create Season Budgets
  • Track Revenue Collections
  • Record Expenses

You don't need to be an accountant to use or appreciate the benefits that these tools offer.

Track Team Performance Easily

Record and Report Game Results

Soccer manEdger uses information from your game schedule and player roster to generate forms to conveniently enter game data. Once entered, Soccer manEdger automatically calculates and formats the data into:

  • Game Summaries
  • Team Statistics
  • Player Statistics

Player statistics can easily be excluded from the public's view on your website if desired.